Suspension Revalving, Maintenance, and Repair is our primary business.

We also offer HID lighting sales and conversions.

House of Horsepower stocks a large quantity of high quality fork and shock springs, seals, and bushings, as well as accessories like air bleeder valves, and neoprene fork wipers for your suspension needs.  We work on Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, TM, and Gas-Gas forks and shock absorbers.

Suspension Revalving

Our goal is to provide you with suspension that is compliant enough to absorb rocks, roots, and braking bumps without deflecting or feeling mushy, yet offers a controlled ride and resists bottoming on all but the harshest of obstacles.  Our custom 3-stage valving allow us to fine-tune the fork and shock action of your motorcycle to your type of riding.  We have extensive experience modifying Kayaba, Showa, and White Power suspension for all levels of motocross or off-road riders.

Suspension Maintenance

Suspension fluids become contaminated with dirt, bushing particles, and aluminum as you ride your motorcycle.  This results in a gradual deterioration of performance as the damping circuits are no longer able to control the suspension action of your motorcycles.  Fast, aggressive, or heavier riders who ride frequently should change suspension fluids 3 to 4 times per year for optimum performance.   We recommend that casual trail riders change fork and shock absorber oil at least once per year.

Suspension Repair

Fork seals leak.  Bushings wear out.  Parts break or get lost.  House of Horsepower has a large inventory of seals, springs, bushings, and miscellaneous parts to get your stuff fixed and get you back on your bike as quickly as possible..

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